Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Import Team

Hey guys,

While Taz is sleeping and I have some time I thought I would do my all import team who I have played with throughout my career. My short list over 4 and a half years is as follows. 

Rolan Roberts, Sedric Webber, Damon Thorton, Bryant Matthews, Ed Scott, EJ Rowlins, Dontaye Draper, Isiah Victor, Tremmell Darden, Cortez Groves, Donta Smith, Jerome Beasley, Julius Hodge,  Rodney Elliot.

So here we go.

PG: Dontaye Draper. Mate, was this guy quick. He also had a great outside shot and was inspirational in game 4 in the 2008 GF series when he came off the bench with a pulled hamstring and single handedly brought the Kings back from the biggest 3/4 time deficit in NBL GF history. Wants to come back to Sydney when the Kings come back.

SG: Donta Smith. Does this guy need any introduction after last years GF series against the Tigers. Came in half way through the season and started slowly but was an absolute game winner and ultimately a championship winner with the South Dragons. Most exciting guy in the league by the end of the 2009 season. Loved Melbourne and the Crown casino. 

SF: Tremmell Darden. Probably will go down in NBL history for the most explosive quarter of basketball in a NBL grand final. Tre had a great attitude about life and basketball. Never blamed anyone else and continued to work on his game on a daily basis. Constantly looked like he jumped from a trampoline when he dunked and is currently playing in France.

PF: Isiah Victor: IV was the most unorthodox guy that I trained against day in day out. Even though he looked like a toothpick he was deceivingly strong and had good touch from outside. Also played at his best at the end of the season he was a great tag team partner off the bench when I needed a spell.

C: Rolan Roberts: Ro was missed at the end of the 2006 campaign with his athletic ability and strength after a dunk competition mishap tore his pectoral muscle off his chest. A great shot blocker and solid post up player Ro brought a presence in the paint. 

So my line up is Draper, Smith, Darden, Victor and Roberts.

If I was to choose an Import team that I've played against to play my former teammates I would choose.

PG: Corey Williams
SG: Ere
SF: Redhage
PF: Powell
C: Ballinger


Draper v Williams
Smith v Ere
Darden v Redhage
Victor v Powell
Roberts v Ballinger

Who would you choose?

Until next time
Have a beer for me 

P.S Enjoy the Holiday season with your friends and family 

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

From Taz, Andrea and I

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well after an eventful weekend I thought enough time had passed for me to write about last weeks incident. Obviously Julius was super emotional after the win and hopefully he understands that he (pardon the pun) over stepped the mark. 

I think there is more than the media and the common fan knows about his departure during last season. It's not for me to know and quite frankly I don't care, but, you don't disrespect a legend of our game and I believe he understands that know.

I have spoken to Brett and I believe a few other players from our team have done so as well and apologised on behalf of Julius. I hope that Julius at some point calls him as well. To the Adelaide fans, we understand how highly you respect Brett and we would probably react the same if someone would jump on a Gaze signature. From the playing group Adelaide, we are sorry. 

 On the flip side it was really nice to get back on the winning track again. I thought our boys showed great heart to win the game especially after being down by 6 with a minute to go. Our defence was the best it's been all season and hopefully has given the rest of our guys confidence going into our FNQ double. 

Until next time have a beer for me

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Main Event Match

While people settle down to watch what I believe to be the under card fight of Roy Jones Jr v Danny "Green Machine" Green in Sydney tonight I expect the main event to take place on Saturday night in Adelaide as Julius Hodge takes on South Australia. 

Media is already circulating and ex-players are making the thoughts known on how they feel about Julius. A lot of emotion will be displayed on both sides as Adelaide will try and take it to Julius and the Julius Hodge show will be taking it at all sixer players and fans who speak out against him. 

Personally I think this should be a game that Fox should cover. It has all the parts that make for an explosive game. We need people to see that the NBL is thriving on great competition. Imagine if Julius pulls a Harvey/Goulding celebration at mid court if we win? Extra security? Any chance? I doubt it.

The Tigers need a win, badly. Here is hoping that it's a great game and we can get our season back on track.     

Until next time have a beer for me

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Taz Donovan Worthington

Hi all just wanted you to give you an update on my home life. At 1 a.m. on Friday the 20th of November my partner Andrea and I welcomed Taz Donovan Worthington in to our lives. Taz weighed in at 6.5 pounds and was 50.5 cms in length. Andrea is well and we are going through the sleepless nights and constant laughs that Taz provides us on a daily basis. Thank you to everyone who has emailed, twittered and called about Taz. He is a healthy and happy kid and that's all we can ask for.

Until next time have a beer for me, unless it's Taz, your only allowed milk.
Cheers Wortho

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Digging a ditch

Well after tonight's disappointing loss to the Townsville Crocs I'm left to ponder what sort of hole we have dug at this point of the season. I understand that we do have Chris Anstey to come back but surely we can't place this much pressure on the big fella to turn our fortunes around. When we do get him back he won't be able to play half a game straight away. He wouldn't have played a game since game 5 of the grand final series in March. He won't have his proper Chris Anstey factor until the playoffs. 

Bottom line the Melbourne Tigers need to turn it around and quickly. We can't rely on Anstey to be our saviour. We can't continue to lose. The way we are playing we will be done before Chris comes back. 

Passion, desire and desperation is lacking and hugely responsible for why we are in the position we are in. I apologise to our fans, sponsors and owners. We need to turn it around quickly otherwise we can kiss goodbye our championship aspirations for 2009/10.     

Until next time have a beer for me 

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wollongong believer

Hands up if you thought Wollongong was in your bottom two at the start of the season. If you still have your hand down your either A) a gong supporter or B) full of crap. From an outsider looking in I can only stand up and applaud the club, community, coaches and players for the way they have started off this season. Sure we saw them win the preseason blitz up in Darwin but who truly believed that when the bright lights were on that the gong would be sitting in the top 2 after 10 games. 

Gordie has his troops fit and firing on all cylinders at the moment and Ty McKee has been there go to man and he has delivered majority of the time. How about our aussie boys? What's different from last year? Sav and Matty Campbell are arguing less and playing every possession without frustration on a previous call and it' working for them. Trigger is proving he is a offensive weapon consistently and his MVP blitz performance wasn't a one off occasion. Larry Davidson who surely is leading the NBL most improve category by a country mile by proving his worth on both sides of the floor with his shot blocking, rebounding and long range three's. While Coenraad, Gruber and Martin are providing energy and efficiency off the bench.

Off the court they along with Townsville and Perth have been doing the most internet interaction with Twitter, player interviews and of course Pull The Trigger. Overall the Hawks are rewarding the local community for pulling together to save the Hawks thanks to a determined Matt Campbell and they look like they are having fun playing hard night in and night out.

Until next time have a beer for me

P.S. On a side note, my partner is less than 3 weeks away from birth of our first child. Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later but there will be an announcement when it happens.  

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scott Butler

Hi guys. First off I'm really sorry that it's taken so long between blogs but I have had major problems with the internet at my place. Hopefully it has been resolved and we are back for good.

Now I would like to get down to business and talk about the best ref in the NBL Scott Butler. Why is he the best ref? Quite simple, he isn't seen on the basketball court. He makes the calls that he should and doesn't make the calls that he shouldn't. He talks to players and coaches in a civil manner and is always looking for feedback throughout the game without prejudice. 

Ask any player in the league and they'll tell you who the best is and it's Scotty B. I've also seen Scotty on an international level and let me tell you he is one of the best in the world. He understands situations and players traits and calls the games accordingly. I look at Luke Schensher who stands up with straight arms but stills gets called for blocks because he is unique to this league and refs aren't use to it. I think Scotty lets those calls go. I'm not saying he looks after players I'm saying he understands the game. 

All in all I think most players would like to rock up to the game and see Scott as one of the refs and the NBL should realize they have one of the best in there own backyard.

Until next time
Have a beer for me

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mail thief update

We got him. We nabbed the bastard. It happened yesterday before the start of our baby shower slash excuse to drink with our friends. I'll ensure you that Andrea was not drinking. Anyways my cop friend who I had called the other night was on her way to the party when she came across a man that fitted the description of our mail thief. Needless to say Starsky and Hutch were onto it. Benny and I jumped in my sweet tigers car and drove over to where the suspected thief was with my friend. As we turned the corner we saw the same guy we saw the other night. His details were taken and hopefully he won't be back again. So thanks to our quick witted cop friend and Benny's ability to slide across the car bonnet so we could get to the location as quick as possible we got him. Our streets are safe again.   

Friday, October 2, 2009

Joe Ingles Q & A

Jumping Joe Ingles blasted on the NBL scene 3 years ago and the young lofty lefty from SA has elevated his game and taken it on the road over to Europe. I got to catch up with my former dragons teammate and roomate while celebrating his 22nd birthday. 

MW: Where are you and how is it going?

JI: I am playing in Spain, ACB league for a team called CB Granada. Going great so far, we are 6-1 in preseason. Had a big win last night (October 2nd) against a Russian Euroleague team. Personally going well, had 25 last night, really fitting into the team and system.

MW: What do you miss the most about Australia already?

JI: Im actually surprised that I like it here as much as I am. I have great teammates who 9/12 speak great english, which made it a lot easier. I think just being able to see friends and family on a daily basis is the hardest thing. Of course I miss my old team (Dragons) and my housemate! 

MW: What influence did goorj have on you last season?

JI: Goorj was great for me, I think it was just what I needed before heading over to Europe. He was tough on me everyday no matter what, he knew how to get me going and pull me back into line. He was a big reason I think I am playing like I am now.

I don't miss him telling the same story once a week though :)

MW: How was your Olympic experience?

JI: It was definately the highlight of my career so far. Not only representing my country which was what I grew up dreaming about but do be there is a great group of guys was unreal. Walking around the village, eating in dining hall and doing washing you are always bumping into some of the greats of their sports. Opening ceremony was unexplainable and something I hope to do again in my career.

MW: What will Joe Ingles do after basketball?

JI: Hopefully not much, I obviously want to play as long as I can hold my own and help a team. If I can invest my money correctly I would love to retire and maybe do something with young kids basketball. 

I have also spoken with close mates, yourself and Gibbo about starting or investing in something together which I would love to do with some mates. 

Until next time have a beer for me

Jesse 4 ROY and the croc's v cats build up

Tonight I was glad to see young Jesse Wagstaff a Metro State graduate like myself play well. Jesse stepped into Metro the year that I left and it looks like Coach Brandon Hays has done a great job with this ACT kid. Jesse joins the list of Metro State players to come back and play in the NBL. Luke Kendall, Dave Barlow, Drew Williamson, Kane Oakley, Todd Gower, Lee Barlow, Daniel George and I have all walked before him and he is now the next inductee. He showed his versatility and confidence throughout the game. He didn't hesitate to shoot the rock when it was close at the start of the 4th (none of them dropped) but oozed confidence that the Wildcats thrived on. He was a big reason they beat the crocs tonight. He would have to be clear favorite for the ROY and has all the tools to be a great player in this league for sometime to come. 

It was interesting to hear the build up to the Croc's v Cats game as well. Some ill-feeling has now turned these two teams into bitter rivals. Homicide who is undoubtedly one of the premier point guards reminding the cats of last year and the feisty nugget Brad Robbins not backing down. Two things are fantastic about this, 1) The publicity that it gained this week not only for the respective teams but also the NBL was superb. 2) Two of the toughest guards in the league talking the talk but also walking the walk. Corey a great offensive weapon verse Brad a defensive pit bull. It's exciting. After it's all done throw them in the boxing ring for 8 extra minutes that you don't get in the NBL anymore and you have yourself the ultimate promotion.

Until next time have a beer for me


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The night before the game

Many may ask, what do you do the night before a game. For me it's pretty simple, eat, watch television and then sleep. Tonight it was a little bit different.

We have had some trouble in my neighborhood with people opening mail, stealing credit cards (Benny Knight's) and leaving mail in different places. Tonight I found him. The thrill of the chase was on. Knighty (who is living with me) and I followed this suspicious guy on foot, creeping up our dark street and watching his every move. He was walking a lot faster than usual after he noticed us following his trail. He skipped a few houses and swooped around the corner. We crept up to the corner and noticed he was writing something down on his piece of paper. He then waltzed back around the corner as if nothing had happened only to be confronted by us. He was delivering catalogues supposedly but didn't manage to have any in his hand. He refused to answer the questions that we had asked and moved down the street quickly. Our next door neighbor came out and told us that she was going out to her car when she saw him fiddling in her letterbox and moved immediately when she opened the door. I decided to place a call to my cop mate to see if she could get someone out to the house, unfortunately something else had arisen and was a slightly bigger matter. So Knighty and I jumped in the car a in search of our letterbox thief and rolled around the streets like Starsky and Hutch. Unfortunately we couldn't find him again but our blood was pumping from the chase. Hopefully the same adrenaline will be pumping tomorrow night at the cage.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

College or Home Cooking

A lot of parents and young players come up and ask me what's better, going to college or staying in Australia. Honestly everyone is different. Joe Ingles and Brad Newley have proven that you don't have to go college to be successful, while Andrew Bogut and Pat Mills have undoubtedly proved there success from going to college. 

Personally I wouldn't have changed my four years in college for anything. One thing the college system does provide is an education and the time that you are away from your family you are forced to grow up and be a man. If you find the right coach he will always challenge you and get you ready for the NBA, NBL or Europe. However if you don't find the right coach your game can go backwards. 

I find a lot of kids think that Division 1 is everything. WRONG. Fact is there are great division 2 schools and those programs are capable of destroying lower to mid division 1 schools. Look at the NBL now that is infested with Division 2 players. Luke Kendall, Bo Westover, Cameron Tovey, Russell Hinder, Jesse Wagstaff, Drew Williamson and myself to name a few. 

At the end of the day parents have to be comfortable to place the trust of their son or daughters life into the hands of a coach overseas. It's also up to the individual not to stray off the right path. If you always remember why you went to college in the first place (to become a better basketballer) you will always come out a) a better hooper b) a better person c) with an education behind you. If schooling is not for you then you have to work your way up the ranks to become the best you can in Australia. 

At the end of the day there is no right or wrong answer. I encourage young hoopers to keep working hard on there game and follow whatever path best suits you. Either way it has proven to be successful.

Until next time have a beer for me

Friday, September 25, 2009

Don't Sleep on Sam

A lot of question marks hover over the Melbourne Tigers going into the 2009/10 season. One of the biggest questions is the health of Sammy Mac. Let me be the first to tell you that Sam has been our best player this preseason and looks to return to his MVP best that he displayed only 3 seasons ago. Many who watch Sam play knows he make things look easy what people don't realize is how deadly he becomes when he has a chip on his shoulder.

Things to look for from Sam in 09/10:

1) Slamming Sam is back. Look for Sammy to dunk in traffic and on people again.

2) Defense up the court. Sam was devastating at the Bullets with his up the court pressure and he looks to be an instigator for stops.

3) Ahead of the pack. Sam playing the 3 spot lets him get out in transition. If he gets the kick ahead pass and has someone one on one he won't be stopped.

4) Rebounding. With Knighty, DJ and I busy keeping opposition bigs off the board look for Mac to swoop on the boards with his abnormal athleticism. 

He's healthy, he is one of Australia's best and he's back. Opposition beware because captain grumpy has a chip on his shoulder.   

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Q & A with Ben Knight

I thought I would break the trend by interviewing the Tigers newest recruit Ben Knight. "Swooper" has been around the block and seen a lot of things so I thought I would ask him a quick 5 questions. Hopefully I'll get a few players to take apart of this throughout the year. 

MW: Welcome back to Melbourne "Swooper". You've played for nine teams now, which team has been your favorite and why?

BK: Sydney Kings, after traveling around the country side it was good to be home and win a championship in front of my friends and family. 

MW: Who is the best player you have played with?

BK: (Thinking) Tough one but Darnell Mee. Great leader and knew how to distribute the ball to the right spots and played defense so you knew he would put your team into position to win. At the end of the day he was a great competitor.

MW: Biggest changes you've seen since you've been in the NBL? 

BK: The non existent teams. I've played for the Kings, Magic, Bullets, Slingers who aren't around anymore. The talent that Australia keeps producing. Kids come in and are ready to play which is great for the league.

MW: Looking to the season ahead what are your expectations?

BK: Looking to lock up first place is the first step. Then onto a championship. The group of guys that we have will make it fun to do the grind with everyday to accomplish these goals. On a personal note I was a bit quite last year in adopting the role I took up. I look forward to stepping up this year and showing my value.
MW: Out of the existing clubs that you played for that are still going around, who would you like to beat most. (Wollongong, Townsville, Cairns, Perth)

BK: Wildcats, they didn't come to the party. 

Hopefully you guys enjoyed
Until next time have a beer for me 

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Townsville All Time

Townsville crocodiles who were formerly the Townsville Suns made there debut back in 1993 but are still starved of there first NBL Championship even though being contenders for well over a decade. Featuring many star studded players that have graced the swamps court and dazzled "croc nation" over the years this starting 6 will always attract debate.

So here is my top 6

Point Guard: Derek Rucker

D Ruck made a living in Townsville like he did everywhere else in the league by scoring. He played 108 games for the crocs and is 2nd all time in scoring (2,980), assists (835) and steals (280). He averaged 30.3 points and 8.3 assists a game back in 1995 and had a high of 51 points in 1998. He was also a three time Kevin Sugars Medal winner (Club MVP).

Shooting Guard: Brad Newley

Not an easy choice but I'm going with Newley because he could score any way he wanted too. This athletic swing man was something that a young Australian hadn't possessed since a young Sammy Mac. His ability to rise above crowds and maneuver his way thru traffic to light up scoreboards. His career high was 46 back in 2006 and was eventually drafted in the 2nd round by the Houston Rockets.

Small Forward: Rob Rose (c)

This was the only certainty in this group as the mayor of Townsville was a lock. He is Townsville's all time leader in games (258), points (4,406), assists (1266), blocks (128), steals (364) and rebounds (1,600). He was MVP and All NBL First team in 2001 and renowned for getting the umpires whistle for kicking out his leg on the three point shot. Either way he was he was still "Big Shot Rob" and devastated teams with numerous game winning shots. He was also a four time Kevin Sugars Medal winner

Power Forward: Pat Reidy

Townsville's favorite wranga slots into the power forward and for good reason. 3rd All time in rebounds, fourth in games played and points and fifth in assists. A two time Kevin Sugars medal winner, Pat who is made out of the same mould as Tony Ronaldson always seemed to get the job done.

Center: Clarence Tyson

This 6'10 thick center knew how to rebound and had a solid back to the basket game. Averaging 14.7 rebounds in 1995 with a career best of 25 he terrorized teams on the boards. He was All NBL first team in 1997 and the 1996 Kevin Sugars Medal winner.

6th Man: John Rillie

Without looking at stats the last captain of the crocs gets the nod for 6th man. The sharp shooter and underrated rebounder who loves the game more than anyone in this world showed everyone with one of his potential last performances that he can still shooting it with 10 three pointers against the Wildcats. He won 3 Kevin Sugars Medals and a great blogger.

Honorable mentions: Ray Owes, Ricky Jones and Andrew Goodwin

Until next time when I feature the Gold Coast Blaze
Have a beer for me

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cairns All Time

The Taipans are entering into there 11th season in the league. Even though I can't find career stats on them I have a firm idea of who my greatest 6 are. Cairns head coaching position started with Rod Popovich followed by Guy Molloy, Alan Black, Mark Beecroft and now Aaron Fearne. Even though they struggled in the early years they gradually got better with a semi final appearance against the Kings in 2006. 

Anyways here is my top 6

Point Guard: Aaron Trahair

Azza showed glimpses of his best while he was at Cairns with multiple 40 point games back in 2005. His effortless jump shot and his crafty moves that he possessed with the junior national team resurfaced and lead the team the Taipans to best season at the time.

Shooting Guard: Anthony Stewart

Mister Potato Head captained the Taipans after coming over from the Perth Wildacts. He quickly became the number 1 man in Cairns and was the first guy to sell his body for advertising when he donned the Parkridge airbrush tattoo while playing. His long bombs became a usual trait at the Cairns convention center and his passion always fired up the crowd. 

Small Forward: Martin Cattalini

Cat returned from Europe and signed with the Taipans and also became the captain. He had a great season back in 2007 when he was All NBL First team and had a 50 point game against the Brisbane Bullets. He played every possession like it was his last and the Cairns crowd loved it. An absolute scoring machine with a deadly three point and one dribble pull up jumper mastered over the years he is still one of the most dangerous players in the league to date.

Power Forward: Ben Knight

The big swooper has been a journey man around the league but really found his niche in Cairns. Coming in after Cairns had a 2 win season Benny showed his hustle and hard work which warranted extended time on the court that he previously didn't get. He gave Cairns toughness that they previously lacked and is the ultimate teammate that everyone loves playing with.

Center: Nathan Jawai

Showed everyone that he was more than hype when he came into the league and dunked on everyone. He was NBL rookie of the year and MVP of the All Star game. The NBL hadn't seen much of a person of his height, speed and power and probably more remember for his alley oops that he threw down off a Stephen Black pass. His last season was good enough to get him a gig in the NBA.

6th Man: Aaron Grabau

Hard to leave out the guy how has been there every year and is the only Taipans player to have his jersey retired. Known as one of the best defenders in the league and can knock down the open three if left open. Again one of the great guys in the NBL and I'm sure the Taipans are proud to have someone of his magnitude representing there organization. 

Honorable Mentions: Stephen Black, Darnell Mee, Chris Burgess

Until next time when we look at Townsville
Have a beer for me

Sunday, September 13, 2009

To my readers

I've been away for a few days but I will have the Taipans team up soon. I appreciate all the comments I'm getting as well. Cheers guys. I will answer all your questions as soon as I get a chance. I'm glad your enjoying the site and I'm enjoying writing and learning about the history of this great league. Please keep visiting and tell all your basketball mates about the site. Thanks again.

Until next time 
Have a beer for me

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Breakers All Time

Even though the New Zealand Breakers are still young only coming alive in 2003 it has been a hard decision who to put in this 6. Last year saw them have the most success that the club has had but look to go better this season. The Breakers have only seen three coaches at the helm. Jeff Green who was let go after 12 games. He was succeeded by Frank Arsego until the start of the 05-06 season when Andrej Lemanis took over the black and carolina blue. 

Without further or do I present my top 6......

Point Guard: CJ Bruton

Cj just completed his first year with the Breakers. A multi championship winner at Sydney and Brisbane was nabbed by the kiwi's to bring leadership and help Kirk Penney and the New Zealand offense flow. He undoubtedly did that and capped it off by getting Kirk the MVP while also being named All First Team. Will he bring them a championship next? Time will tell.

Shooting Guard: Kirk Penney (c)

As previously stated Kirk was MVP of the league last year and proved to be an absolute scoring machine all season long. He messed with defenders by draining the contested three time and time again or splitting double teams and getting to the rack. He is a 2 time All First Team Member and a dual Olympian with the Tall Blacks. His goal though is to take a championship out of Australia.

Small Forward: Aaron Olson

Aaron played 130 games for New Zealand and is there all time scoring leader at the club. He has hit the most three's at the club as well and is second in games, steals and assists. He was a great scorer and created a lot of his own shots. Became a niggling defender at the end of his career. He recorded a career high of 40 points against Townsville. Unfortunately he left the game during his peak due to a lack of interest in the sport.

Power Forward: Carlos Powell

Another Breakers player another scoring machine. Carlos was one of the toughest guys I've played on in this league. He lead the league in scoring back in 2007 averaging 28.2 points a game. He was also named in the All First Team that year. 

Center: Ben Pepper

Ben has always been a no fuss, hard working big man. Pep is New Zealand's all time leader in block shots and rebounds while being second in scoring in his 96 games as a Breaker. Pep had a 20 rebound game in 06 and a 19 rebound game in 04. A great bloke with a line drive for a hook shot was definitely a force to reckoned with in the paint.

6 Man: Tony Ronaldson

The bear was looking like he was coming to the end of his career after leaving Perth. Down on confidence he found a new home with scorers that love to use him to get them open and personally finding his own touch again. The all time games record holder doesn't look like slowing down and with a healthy Ronaldson on the court helps the Breakers team fire.

Honorable Mentions: Pauli Henare, Mike Chappell, Phil Jones

Until next time when I feature the Cairns Taipans
Have a beer for me

Friday, September 4, 2009

Tigers All Time

The Melbourne Tigers is one of the most successful clubs in the NBL alongside Perth and Adelaide with 4 championships. They have been around the for 25 years and have a rich heritage that spans 16 finals appearance and 8 GF appearances.

After many successful years spent in the Gaze era that saw Lindsay Gaze coach his son Andrew Gaze they were eventually replaced by long time assistant Al Westover and the return of Chris Anstey. Without further or do the Tigers greatest 6.

Point Guard: Darryl McDonald

Even though D-Mac came to the Tigers at the end of his 14 seasons as a professional he was a genetic freak that retired at the age of 44. Playing against him first hand he was the master of changing speed, feeding the open man and getting a deflection on any pass in his area. 

Shooting Guard: Andrew Gaze (c)

Do I really have to explain this one? Rookie of the year in 1984, 7 time MVP, 15 time All First Team. Played 612 games and amassed a whopping 18,908 points which is undoubtedly a record that will never be broken. He averaged 44.1 points a game in 1987 and had a individual high of 60 points in a single game. He recorded 4 triple doubles in his career his best a 44 pt, 12 ass and 12 reb game against Sydney in 1986. Out of all of his accomplishments I would say that his 2 NBL Championships and his 5 Olympic appearances would of been his highlights. Either way he will go down in history as one of the greatest.

Small Forward: Lanard Copeland

Lanard played 448 games for the Tigers and accumulated 9,843 points. Remembered for being on the other end of the half court alley oops from Andrew Gaze and able to walk the walk after talking the talk his number 21 was retired in front of the Tigers faithful. Copes is second all time in games, points, assists and steals. He is also third in block shots and 5th in rebounds. He played bigger than his frame should of allowed him to and was a true entertainer, he was also the 1997 GF MVP.

Power Forward: Chris Anstey

Putting Anstey in the power forward roll allows him to shoot the three in this team. He is a three time NBL Championship winner, 2 time MVP winner (2006, 2008), a 4 time All First Team member and the 2008 NBL Best Defensive Player. He is currently the best big man in the competition with his ability to dominate inside, rebound over everyone and dishearten teams with his deadly touch all over the half court. To top it off he has represented our country twice at the Olympics.

Center: Mark Bradtke

This mountain of a man played 375 games for the Tigers and was the enforcer in the Gaze era. His ability to score and rebound also made him the 2002 MVP. Hogey is a three time NBL championship winner, two with the Tigers. He is also a 4 time Olympian and is the Tigers all time leader in blocks and rebounds. Overall even though his presence was intimidating on the court this gentle giant is a great guy off the court.

6th Man: David Simmons

Dave played 240 games for the Tigers and was almost the fourth Beatle surrounded by Gaze, Copeland and Bradtke. He netted 4,266 points in his career and sits second all time at the Tigers in blocks, third in steals and rebounds and fourth in points. 

Honorable Mentions: Dave Thomas, Marcus Timmons and Brian Goorjian

Until next time when we I feature the New Zealand Breakers
Have a beer for me

Wollongong All Time

They started way back in 1979 in a place called the snake pit as the Illawara Hawks. Fast track 30 years later and they play at the sandpit as the Wollongong Hawks. The Hawks epitomises the Australian blue collar working class team. They have made the finals 14 times and won a championship in 2001.

Four coaches that have had multiple years at the club are Dave Lindstrom(7 years), Alan Black(3), Eric Cooks (2) and Brendon "Choc" Joyce(12). Choc being the first and only coach to win a championship with the franchise. Anyways here are my top 6

Point Guard: Gordie McLeod

Gordie(Current Hawks coach) was the general and captain of the Hawks for 8 years. The 215 gamer is second all time at the hawks in assists and third all time in steals. In 1985 he averaged 10.2 assists a game. He also represented Australia in the 1980 Moscow Olympics. He also racked up 18 assists in a single game twice.

Shooting Guard: Mike Jones

Mike Jones was the 1981 NBL MVP in which he averaged 30.5 points a game. In 1983 he averaged 32.7 points a game.  He had a career high 46 points in 1983.

Small Forward: Glen Saville (c)

Sav pretty much leads the hawks in every single major category there is. Points, Assists, Rebounds, Steals and Block shots. His hawks career that expanded over 395 games has been topped off with the GF MVP after there win in 2001. He's a two time Olympian, musician and one of Wollongong's favorite sons.

Power Forward: Melvin Thomas

This smooth moving lefty that made basketball look effortless was All NBL First Team in 1993. He played 235 games at the hawks and is sitting second all time in steals, blocks and rebounds, third all time in points and fourth all time in assists. He dragged down 21 rebounds in a single game and has recorded 7 blocks in a single game twice.

Center: Norman Taylor

Norman was a three time club MVP. Back in 1989 he averaged 29.9 points a game and 11.7 rebounds a game for the season. He had 54 points, the most points ever by a hawks player in a single game. He also had a 49 point game as well.

6th Man: Doug Overton

Doug Overton was drafted 40th in the 1991 NBA Draft. He soon after came to Australia where he was All NBL First Team in 1992. He went on to play 499 games over 11 seasons in the NBA after his success in Australia.

Honorable mention: Mat Campbell, Chuck Harmison and Damon Lowery (Clutch, Clutch FT's)
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