Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Main Event Match

While people settle down to watch what I believe to be the under card fight of Roy Jones Jr v Danny "Green Machine" Green in Sydney tonight I expect the main event to take place on Saturday night in Adelaide as Julius Hodge takes on South Australia. 

Media is already circulating and ex-players are making the thoughts known on how they feel about Julius. A lot of emotion will be displayed on both sides as Adelaide will try and take it to Julius and the Julius Hodge show will be taking it at all sixer players and fans who speak out against him. 

Personally I think this should be a game that Fox should cover. It has all the parts that make for an explosive game. We need people to see that the NBL is thriving on great competition. Imagine if Julius pulls a Harvey/Goulding celebration at mid court if we win? Extra security? Any chance? I doubt it.

The Tigers need a win, badly. Here is hoping that it's a great game and we can get our season back on track.     

Until next time have a beer for me


  1. Well played last night Wortho, have to concede that you won it for the Tigers (along with Crosswell).

    Any thoughts you can share on Hodge's post-match antics?

    Ben (Adelaide season-ticket holder).

  2. Gosh, you almost pre empted Hodge's tirade haha, I guess you couldn't have guessed he'd go that far!