Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy new year and a happy new NBL team

First off hope everyone enjoyed the festive season and that the start of the new year is going well for you. Tonight I've decided to play the role of NBL owner. With talk of teams coming back next year (Kings, Bullets and Dragons) and everyone supposedly on one year deals, I was wondering who would be the team that I would go after If I was an owner. I had this conversation the other week with Anstey when he came over to dinner and we both did all Australian teams. I'm guessing my team so I don't actually know if it would all work within the rules but I'm not picking an all star team. It'll be interesting to hear your thoughts and please send in your own teams.

PG: Adam Gibson

Its been a year for the point guards in our league. So many great Import leaders running around our courts but I'm going with my man Gibbo. He possess great defensive leadership and knows how to run a team. He can shoot the three and also doesn't mind throwing his weight around in the post. He is also a winner and has proof by already winning two championships.

SG: Kirk Penney

This guy should be playing in the NBA with all the offensive weaponry he has at his disposal. Has limitless range and has a knack for getting to the rim and foul line. Only problem might be having to relocate my team to New Zealand to get him on my team.

SF: Stephen Weigh

Think Stevie has come on in leaps and bounds this year. Had a form slump but he has terrific upside. If I was him I would be learning off the defensive end by watching his teammates Robbo and Damo at the moment and shooting everyday with Williamson and Lisch. 

PF: Adam Ballinger

Has been one of the standout imports in this league for a few years now. Balls is a great offensive player and has grit an passion in what he does. He is a no nonsense sort of guy and provides great leadership for Adelaide this year.

C: Matt Burston 

If he is healthy, give me this guy any day. Matty is a tremendous worker and is a smart big man in this league. He has great hands and a soft touch that can extend outside the three. He is also a great teammate and a competitive guy.


PG: Rhys Martin
SG: Nathan Herbert
SF: Tommy Greer
PF: Anthony Petrie
                                     C: Daniel Johnson

The bench is a nice blend of scoring, defense and hustle. They all compliment the starters in there own way. I don't know if they would fit point wise but it's a nice team if you ask me.
By the way my team would be coached by the master.....Phil Jackson

A bit of fun. Look forward to seeing your teams.
Until next time have a beer for me