Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Import Team

Hey guys,

While Taz is sleeping and I have some time I thought I would do my all import team who I have played with throughout my career. My short list over 4 and a half years is as follows. 

Rolan Roberts, Sedric Webber, Damon Thorton, Bryant Matthews, Ed Scott, EJ Rowlins, Dontaye Draper, Isiah Victor, Tremmell Darden, Cortez Groves, Donta Smith, Jerome Beasley, Julius Hodge,  Rodney Elliot.

So here we go.

PG: Dontaye Draper. Mate, was this guy quick. He also had a great outside shot and was inspirational in game 4 in the 2008 GF series when he came off the bench with a pulled hamstring and single handedly brought the Kings back from the biggest 3/4 time deficit in NBL GF history. Wants to come back to Sydney when the Kings come back.

SG: Donta Smith. Does this guy need any introduction after last years GF series against the Tigers. Came in half way through the season and started slowly but was an absolute game winner and ultimately a championship winner with the South Dragons. Most exciting guy in the league by the end of the 2009 season. Loved Melbourne and the Crown casino. 

SF: Tremmell Darden. Probably will go down in NBL history for the most explosive quarter of basketball in a NBL grand final. Tre had a great attitude about life and basketball. Never blamed anyone else and continued to work on his game on a daily basis. Constantly looked like he jumped from a trampoline when he dunked and is currently playing in France.

PF: Isiah Victor: IV was the most unorthodox guy that I trained against day in day out. Even though he looked like a toothpick he was deceivingly strong and had good touch from outside. Also played at his best at the end of the season he was a great tag team partner off the bench when I needed a spell.

C: Rolan Roberts: Ro was missed at the end of the 2006 campaign with his athletic ability and strength after a dunk competition mishap tore his pectoral muscle off his chest. A great shot blocker and solid post up player Ro brought a presence in the paint. 

So my line up is Draper, Smith, Darden, Victor and Roberts.

If I was to choose an Import team that I've played against to play my former teammates I would choose.

PG: Corey Williams
SG: Ere
SF: Redhage
PF: Powell
C: Ballinger


Draper v Williams
Smith v Ere
Darden v Redhage
Victor v Powell
Roberts v Ballinger

Who would you choose?

Until next time
Have a beer for me 

P.S Enjoy the Holiday season with your friends and family 

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year

From Taz, Andrea and I

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well after an eventful weekend I thought enough time had passed for me to write about last weeks incident. Obviously Julius was super emotional after the win and hopefully he understands that he (pardon the pun) over stepped the mark. 

I think there is more than the media and the common fan knows about his departure during last season. It's not for me to know and quite frankly I don't care, but, you don't disrespect a legend of our game and I believe he understands that know.

I have spoken to Brett and I believe a few other players from our team have done so as well and apologised on behalf of Julius. I hope that Julius at some point calls him as well. To the Adelaide fans, we understand how highly you respect Brett and we would probably react the same if someone would jump on a Gaze signature. From the playing group Adelaide, we are sorry. 

 On the flip side it was really nice to get back on the winning track again. I thought our boys showed great heart to win the game especially after being down by 6 with a minute to go. Our defence was the best it's been all season and hopefully has given the rest of our guys confidence going into our FNQ double. 

Until next time have a beer for me

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Main Event Match

While people settle down to watch what I believe to be the under card fight of Roy Jones Jr v Danny "Green Machine" Green in Sydney tonight I expect the main event to take place on Saturday night in Adelaide as Julius Hodge takes on South Australia. 

Media is already circulating and ex-players are making the thoughts known on how they feel about Julius. A lot of emotion will be displayed on both sides as Adelaide will try and take it to Julius and the Julius Hodge show will be taking it at all sixer players and fans who speak out against him. 

Personally I think this should be a game that Fox should cover. It has all the parts that make for an explosive game. We need people to see that the NBL is thriving on great competition. Imagine if Julius pulls a Harvey/Goulding celebration at mid court if we win? Extra security? Any chance? I doubt it.

The Tigers need a win, badly. Here is hoping that it's a great game and we can get our season back on track.     

Until next time have a beer for me