Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well after an eventful weekend I thought enough time had passed for me to write about last weeks incident. Obviously Julius was super emotional after the win and hopefully he understands that he (pardon the pun) over stepped the mark. 

I think there is more than the media and the common fan knows about his departure during last season. It's not for me to know and quite frankly I don't care, but, you don't disrespect a legend of our game and I believe he understands that know.

I have spoken to Brett and I believe a few other players from our team have done so as well and apologised on behalf of Julius. I hope that Julius at some point calls him as well. To the Adelaide fans, we understand how highly you respect Brett and we would probably react the same if someone would jump on a Gaze signature. From the playing group Adelaide, we are sorry. 

 On the flip side it was really nice to get back on the winning track again. I thought our boys showed great heart to win the game especially after being down by 6 with a minute to go. Our defence was the best it's been all season and hopefully has given the rest of our guys confidence going into our FNQ double. 

Until next time have a beer for me


  1. Thought your unsolicited and immediate apology in the post-game press conference showed class, maturity and a good understanding of the situation. You've (gradually!) won a lot of new fans in Adelaide because of that and your on-court performances here this season.

    Good luck for the rest of the season, just not against Adelaide or New Zealand!

  2. i think tigers won because of your efforts
    can you come play for the 36ers, we would love to cheer for you outloud