Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mail thief update

We got him. We nabbed the bastard. It happened yesterday before the start of our baby shower slash excuse to drink with our friends. I'll ensure you that Andrea was not drinking. Anyways my cop friend who I had called the other night was on her way to the party when she came across a man that fitted the description of our mail thief. Needless to say Starsky and Hutch were onto it. Benny and I jumped in my sweet tigers car and drove over to where the suspected thief was with my friend. As we turned the corner we saw the same guy we saw the other night. His details were taken and hopefully he won't be back again. So thanks to our quick witted cop friend and Benny's ability to slide across the car bonnet so we could get to the location as quick as possible we got him. Our streets are safe again.   

Friday, October 2, 2009

Joe Ingles Q & A

Jumping Joe Ingles blasted on the NBL scene 3 years ago and the young lofty lefty from SA has elevated his game and taken it on the road over to Europe. I got to catch up with my former dragons teammate and roomate while celebrating his 22nd birthday. 

MW: Where are you and how is it going?

JI: I am playing in Spain, ACB league for a team called CB Granada. Going great so far, we are 6-1 in preseason. Had a big win last night (October 2nd) against a Russian Euroleague team. Personally going well, had 25 last night, really fitting into the team and system.

MW: What do you miss the most about Australia already?

JI: Im actually surprised that I like it here as much as I am. I have great teammates who 9/12 speak great english, which made it a lot easier. I think just being able to see friends and family on a daily basis is the hardest thing. Of course I miss my old team (Dragons) and my housemate! 

MW: What influence did goorj have on you last season?

JI: Goorj was great for me, I think it was just what I needed before heading over to Europe. He was tough on me everyday no matter what, he knew how to get me going and pull me back into line. He was a big reason I think I am playing like I am now.

I don't miss him telling the same story once a week though :)

MW: How was your Olympic experience?

JI: It was definately the highlight of my career so far. Not only representing my country which was what I grew up dreaming about but do be there is a great group of guys was unreal. Walking around the village, eating in dining hall and doing washing you are always bumping into some of the greats of their sports. Opening ceremony was unexplainable and something I hope to do again in my career.

MW: What will Joe Ingles do after basketball?

JI: Hopefully not much, I obviously want to play as long as I can hold my own and help a team. If I can invest my money correctly I would love to retire and maybe do something with young kids basketball. 

I have also spoken with close mates, yourself and Gibbo about starting or investing in something together which I would love to do with some mates. 

Until next time have a beer for me

Jesse 4 ROY and the croc's v cats build up

Tonight I was glad to see young Jesse Wagstaff a Metro State graduate like myself play well. Jesse stepped into Metro the year that I left and it looks like Coach Brandon Hays has done a great job with this ACT kid. Jesse joins the list of Metro State players to come back and play in the NBL. Luke Kendall, Dave Barlow, Drew Williamson, Kane Oakley, Todd Gower, Lee Barlow, Daniel George and I have all walked before him and he is now the next inductee. He showed his versatility and confidence throughout the game. He didn't hesitate to shoot the rock when it was close at the start of the 4th (none of them dropped) but oozed confidence that the Wildcats thrived on. He was a big reason they beat the crocs tonight. He would have to be clear favorite for the ROY and has all the tools to be a great player in this league for sometime to come. 

It was interesting to hear the build up to the Croc's v Cats game as well. Some ill-feeling has now turned these two teams into bitter rivals. Homicide who is undoubtedly one of the premier point guards reminding the cats of last year and the feisty nugget Brad Robbins not backing down. Two things are fantastic about this, 1) The publicity that it gained this week not only for the respective teams but also the NBL was superb. 2) Two of the toughest guards in the league talking the talk but also walking the walk. Corey a great offensive weapon verse Brad a defensive pit bull. It's exciting. After it's all done throw them in the boxing ring for 8 extra minutes that you don't get in the NBL anymore and you have yourself the ultimate promotion.

Until next time have a beer for me