Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kings and Dragons

With the use of my own blog I can openly talk about my last two teams that have vanished from our league. It's also a chance to communicate with fans on what has really happened over the last two years with the Kings and Dragons. 

Sydney Kings: I came into the Sydney Kings at the end of the three championship reign when they were owned by Mac Bank. It was professional and even though the success didn't relate to butts in seats it was organised and paid on time. As time went on we received a new owner in the form of Tim Johnson (Firepower). This scum piece of shit ruined lives. He threw out a lot of money and made the illusion that he was better than the monopoly guy. We all found out that he was like the monopoly guy and had fake money like him too. Lives ruined or put in financial jeopardy included, Rusty Hinder, Jason Smith, BJ Carter, Jerome Beasley, Glen Saville just to name a few. He treated our team and at that time possibly Australia's best known basketball franchise like a puppet and put it into the ground. And for what? A little media attention? Maybe to place a bigger bulls eye on his back than the one the Russian marfia has on him? That's right. The dude is wanted dead in Russia as well. He fucked over them as well as us in Australia. (Rabbitoh's, Western Force and Kings) oh wait thats only sporting franchises. Also failed to mention he fucked over our government and a lot of other people willing to invest into Firepower on the stock market. The facts are he pulled a lot of wool over a lot of peoples eye's. 

The thing was that year the team went 27-3 regular season and god knows why we didn't turn up to practice cause we never got paid on time, never got paid super at all while he was the owner,  and we were constantly worried that it was the last pay check. The writing was on the wall before the mid way mark of the season. We all knew. Some of us didn't want to admit that the club was screwed. Kings fans and ex players will never forgive Tim Johnson the scum of the earth.

South Dragons. The Dragons were never ever in financial trouble. Lets get one thing totally clear. The owners were fantastic for the one season I was there and we had a great year, obviously. The vision of the two owners are on a much larger scale to the current scale and model that the NBL is currently in. Whose fault? Hard to tell, and so much talk between owners and BA that it's hard to know what to believe. I'm glad that Larry Senstock has come in and showed his passion to keep basketball alive and start a slow and gradual build to the success that the NBL once had. Nobody should judge him after this year alone, he definitely needs his grace period to show everyone what direction he wants to take this league. His vision however didn't comply with the Dragons owners vision. I hope that one day that they come back but until then we will all see what direction the league goes in. I'll conclude with the sympathy towards both teams fans. I'm truly sorry you have lost your clubs but I sincerely hope that BA does everything in there power to bring back these two clubs sooner rather than later.

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  1. hi wortho

    dragons fan here , everything u said about johnston is so true....but i have one question .....if the dragons come back next year are you commin back home to the dragons lair??

  2. haha funniest thing ever. i was a kings supporter... and then dragons, but im sorry wortho, as awesome as you are, i will NEVER follow the tigers! hope to see you back at dragons next season

  3. Hey Mark,

    I think it is great you have a blog. I would be happy to help you with styling it a bit better to make it more individual, free of charge.

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  4. Mark
    Nice to read your thoughts. As a supporter of the League since day 1, it really pisses me off the way things have gone. The whole private ownership thing is good until the owner turns out to be an arse or just loses interest. Looking forward to watching you in action this year with the Tigers.

  5. Wortho, I truly believe you will be back in a Kings singlet one day.

    If only so we can hear the announcer call: ``Woooooorthooooooooooooooo'' after you score.