Monday, February 22, 2010

My next chapter

Hey guys, as the playoffs are heating up back in Australia I have landed a new job in Germany. I'm playing for a team out of Bamberg which is 170 kms east of Frankfurt called Brose Baskets. I've had a single training session so far and made the early morning flight to Bilbao, Spain to play tomorrow night against Bilbao. I have an American coach Chris Flemming and the team has quite a few imports. Everyone speaks english on the team which has made it a lot easier than what I had imagined and everyone seems to get along which is great. 

My take on the playoffs so far is that home court advantage will remain to hold going into game 2 of the semi finals. If both games go to three I'd expect Perth and Wollongong to feel the pressure of winning at home. However the outcome plays out everyone still involved should relish in the opportunity of playing finals basketball. 

Bis nächste Zeit ein Bier für mich hat


  1. welcome to bamberg!

  2. Welcome to almost 100 breweries in and out of Bamberg!
    Enjoy your stay!

  3. hi mark welcome to freak-city.